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Костюм для зимней рыбалки "Фишермен Норд"
Теплый костюм "Фишермен Норд"ГрафитТеплый костюм "Фишермен Норд"Хаки/св.хакиТеплый костюм "Фишермен Норд"Теплый костюм "Фишермен Норд"
Product information

Suit for winter fishing, consisting of a jacket and a bib with updated design.

Taped seams make the suit waterproof. Climate membrana effectively dissepates heat. "Fisherman Nord" has essential differences in comparison with the suits of the family "Fisherman":

• The main fabric of the suit – Nylon Twill Taslan– the materail easy to care about and with increased wear resistance.

Besides, one of the differences of this fabric is an actual for the fisherman fieature - the stains are more easily removed from this fabric than from the previous versions.

•New modern insulation Termo MAX provides excellent comfort and warmth duing winter fishing.

• Updated design of the jacket. Articulated knees and sleeves provide freedom of movement.

•Windproof skirt blocks out cold wind and snow.

• Inside mesh pockets make this model even more practical and functional.

At that "Fisherman Nord" has all the advantages of the suits of family "Fisherman":

• Eight outside pockets – small pockets allow a fisherman to accomodate necessary for any fisherman little things, and bigger pockets can store a sandwich and a small thermos.

• A small pocket with a zipper at the bottom of the sleeve will perfectly suit for the storage of valuable things.

• Articulated knees and sleeves provide freedom of movement.

• Inside knitted cuffs on the sleeves blocks out the wind and help to keep the body warm.

• A warm detachable hard peak will perfectly defend you from snow, rain or wind.  The hood can by adjusted by the width and volume.

• Waterproof zippers prevent the suit from water penetration.


Adjusted hood will allow you to freely put on a hat of any size and even a caskУлыбаюсь 

 Special security pockets for valuable thing.
 For the seams to be waterproof the technology of taping the seams with the waterproof tape is used.
  Articulated sleeves provide freedom of movement.
 The cuffs at the end of the sleeves keeps you warm and provides you comfort.
  Patch pockets with eyelet holes are used for getting rid of water, which excidentally penetrated into the pockets.
  Zippers-expanders make the bottom of the jacket wider.
 Elastic side panel makes your figure graceful.
 Pockets for the safety pads keeps the knees of the fisherman from cold and damages.
 Adjustable width of the pants. You can make your pants as tight as your legs or vice versa cover your boots.

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Suit for winter fishing "Fisherman Nord"

Article: 46183

Warm men suit consisting of a jacket and a bib with updated design.

MaterialTaslon Twill 228T PU, 100% Nylon
InsulationThermoMax (200 гр)
Adjustable hood
Patch pockets with eyelets
Elastic side inlay
Pockets for insertion safety pads
Snowproof Muff
Side extenders
Inner sleeve cuffs
Adjustable width of leg bottoms
Waterproof zipper
Anatomically correct sleeves
A Ring For Gloves
Moisture resistance, mm 5 000
Vapour permeability 5 000
Weight, kg 3,6
Bottom Temperature, ⁰С- 35
Composition100% Nylon

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