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NOVA TOUR Brand History

    The trade mark of NOVA TOUR was established in early 1996. Do you remember that time? The shelves in shops began to fill with tourist and recreational goods of Russian and foreign brands. The epoch of total product shortage was over. But the prices...

    Peoples incomes that time werent high and they could hardly afford to overpay for brand names. It wasnt a way out to buy cheap Chinese or "makeshifts" products either. "NOVA TOUR" trade mark became exactly that offer people waited for! Qualitative and functional equipment at moderate prices found its consumer.

    Literally the name of the brand can be translated as "new trip". And really NOVA TOUR equipment became for many people a new trip. And not one!

    What do you take with you when go for a trip? Right! A backpack. Backpacks were the first to be produced under "NOVA TOUR" Trade Mark. You still can find many times updated, time and road tested "Vitim" and "Hunter" backpacks. These backpacks are completely different from those produced in 1996, but the idea and the names remained the same. Its a simple and durable backpack without any frills. One year

 later we added two models of tents. Then a number of sleeping bags.

    In 1998 Russia faced crisis times that became a severe ordeal for many immature Russian companies. Peoples incomes slumped and foreign goods disappeared from shelves. But these changes gave a pulse to the development of "NOVA TOUR" Company that was ready to work and produce goods for uneasy Russian market.

    Boundless territories of Russia, lack of well-developed infrastructure, abundance of rivers, lakes, mountains and forests are perfect for outdoor recreation. The only thing you need is desire and reliable equipment.    Products of "NOVA TOUR" brand are designed and produced specially for Russian external environment.

    NOVA TOUR equipment is designed according to geographical, climatic and economic location of Russia. It considers the style of recreation in our country as it was primarily produced specially for Russia.

    Do you hear wind noise? Its time to go for a trip!